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  • by Cemre Ceyhan
  • 28 Kasım 2022

    These two are the most wanted and searched services among crypto startups and entrepreneurs. Today, cryptocurrency exchanges seek to provide traditional financial tools as a one-stop-shop or “super-app”. Customized payment form in a secure environment according to PCI DSS standards for a business to accept payments without severe risks. Carry out thorough research of how customers engage with a business and develop an understanding of how to improve the services offered. Just taking a look at our ever-growing list of the latest integrations, can help you understand how seriously we are intended to fulfill your business aspirations. Crassula is working with over 20 banks and this number is constantly growing.

    It acts as legal permission to accept credit card payments online. It also allows accepting wires, E-wallet payments, crypto, debit cards, and international payment methods of merchant’s choice. To get a high-risk white label payment gateway merchant account, one needs to fill out the application. Once a payment system provider approves the application, a merchant receives a payment gateway, the software that allows accepting payments online.

    We’ll introduce you to the system and answer all of your business-specific questions before the launch. PayStudio Payment solutions help to expand and accelerate your businesses to their fullest potential no matter which industry you are in. Offering skills and tapping into a diverse range of industries. We provide support and consulting on business matters as well as risk monitoring on merchants’ requests during business hours.


    Payment processors and payment systems usually establish higher fees for processing cryptocurrency transactions. Cryptocurrency is not a legal tender in most jurisdictions, so accepting such payments sometimes creates legal difficulties for the merchants. Problems also arise when paying taxes on income or profits that have been received in cryptocurrency. Riga, Latvia–(Newsfile Corp. – December 20, 2022) – WhiteFlo launched Software for crypto payment processors that can enhance the service provision of any payment institution, neobank, and many more. You definitely know first-hand that customers are very picky and demanding.

    white label cryptocurrency payment processor

    Purchasers make crypto payments, and merchants receive payments in this currency. Using a crypto payment processor, you can easily accept cryptocurrency payments and offer your clients more payment options to choose from. Payment gateways act as intermediaries or facilitators in the transaction between the buyer and seller. You can transfer money from one end to the other with the help of payment gateways. Payment gateways are a source of digital payments that allow all POS devices to process payments. HashCash also managed a crypto exchange, PayBito, alongside a digital asset payment processing platform, Billbitcoins.

    How does a Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway work?

    Are you interested in launching a cryptocurrency exchange app similar to Binance? Get our fine-tuned Binance clone script and get your business up & running. We settle payments in local currency directly to your merchants’ bank account. Multiple features to support e-commerce, m-commerce and alternative payment methods. Regardless of your business type or industry, Payneteasy can provide you with the payment solution that will fit your specific needs.

    white label cryptocurrency payment processor

    Please fill in the form below to schedule a demo and know more about our services. Thus, it would not suit all budding startups and it’s a kind of risky method!!! We’re not ghosting you, but we are suggesting that this method will collapse your entire project and the outcome will not satisfy your expectations.

    Support System – Hire a team of qualified experts to help clients who are experiencing difficulties with products or services. Content Management System – CMS is essential software that allows you to create and edit digital content, which is vital for keeping a good relationship with your customers. Admin Sign-In – It is an integrated part that must be implemented for an easy sign-in and entry that the administrator of the software can use to limit or regulate the actions of other users. Dashboard – Provide a user-friendly information management tool that tracks the state of all processes. Ensure it includes monitoring and providing a visual representation of all critical data. Through a process known as mining, which employs computational power to resolve complex mathematical problems, units of Bitcoin are generated.

    • Withdrawal from the account of the Owner of the White Label or the Merchant is done only by the holder of the account, and only through double verification.
    • Enable automated onboarding and identity verification with one of our integrated service providers.
    • Since there is no outsider included, the cash goes to your crypto wallet that you have full admittance.
    • Experience sophisticated security when withdrawing funds to third-party wallets.

    With seamless, hassle-free integration to our payment gateway, you can avoid long integration processes. Cryptocurrency payment is quickly becoming one of the most convenient global payment systems. A crypto payment gateway customized to your company’s needs is unquestionably valuable.

    There is ample scope for custom developments for ones needing special functionality. The white-label payment gateway infrastructure allows easy integration with the existing architecture. Our APIs can be utilized to approve and capture a payment as well as track and record information about all previous transactions. Businesses can own and operate every possible aspect of crypto payments and provide customers with a seamless way to complete payments.