This lubrication, which is unique to women and does not fit the male anatomy, causes men to have problems in bilateral relations and loss of self-confidence in their social life. Due to this problem, which can be seen in many obese or thin men, our patients who come to our clinics talk about not being able to swim in the sea, being afraid of being naked and even not being able to dress as they want.

For a man, enlarged breasts can be extremely stressful and embarrassing. The number of people who are afraid to enter into bilateral relations to hide their gynecomastia problem, and who experience psychological trauma in adolescence because it is a mockery, is very high. Overcoming the gynecomastia problem, which can be observed in one of every 5 men today, is possible with a simple application. But you should not feel unhappy, considering that your advancing age and hormones have betrayed you. In addition to gynecomastia operations, if you think you are depressed due to anxiety and gynecomastia, we recommend you to plan treatment without delay.